Play at Gellibrand

Gellibrand Cricket Club - 2015/2016 Invites junior (girls and boys of all abilities) and senior aged cricketers to play cricket this summer at our family Read more

6 Rockbank def by Gellibrand.
5 Gellibrand. def Altona
4 Point Cook def by Gellibrand.
3 Gellibrand. def Eynesbury Eagles
2 United Tarneit A def by Gellibrand.
1 Gellibrand. def Seabrook Red
GF Gellibrand def by Yarraville Club
SF Melton Centrals Cricket Club Inc def Gellibrand Cricket Club
SF Gellibrand def Werribee Gold
GF Gellibrand Cricket Club def by Seddon
15 Gellibrand Cricket Club def by Newport - Digman
13 Charles Sturt University def Gellibrand Cricket Club
12 Gellibrand Cricket Club def Deer Park
13 Gellibrand Cricket Club def Bellbridge
10 Gellibrand def Altona Purple
1 Jeremy Fine168B Turf11
2 Gaurav Sharma158A Turf12
3 Michael Keating128A Turf8
4 Gaurav Sharma123A Turf6
5 Andrew Maki118B Turf7
6 Michael Keating114A Turf11
7 Craig Kennedy106B Turf11
8 Trent Bolton105Under 17 1/2 A2
9 Jeremy Fine101Under 17 1/2 A2
10 Stuart M Schaper94A Grade Matting12
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