Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    NWMCA:Women's Social T20 Division 331002033%
    NWMCA:Women's Social T20 Division 23000300%
    NWMCA:Women's Social T20 Division 3220000100%
    VTCA:T20 Round Robin - TAYLOR330000100%
    WRJCA:Under 11 Sunday CUBS87001088%
    1st XI (VTCA:Russell Pollock Shield Division 5)75020071%
    WRJCA:Under 16 Girls Wednesday96003067%
    WRJCA:Under 11 Sunday CUBS85003063%
    2nd XI (VTCA:Gary Murray Shield Division 5 Seconds)72131043%
    WRJCA:Under 11 A Friday South73022043%
    WRJCA:Under 17 1/2 A52012040%
    WRJCA:Molly Strano Under 13 - Girls League83023038%
    WRJCA:Under 13 B Friday South83023038%
    WRJCA:Under 13 B Friday North62013033%
    4th XI (WDCA:One Day (14 Round) - Div B)82006025%
    WRJCA:Under 13 A Friday51013020%
    WRJCA:Under 13 B Sat South51013020%
    3rd XI (VTCA:Phil Thomas Shield C4)91035011%
    WRJCA:Molly Strano Under 13 - Girls League8001700%

    Season batting statistics
    NWMCA:Women's Social T20 Division 33561720.94596.03000
    NWMCA:Women's Social T20 Division 23611919.00596.12002
    NWMCA:Women's Social T20 Division 3354750.57408.85001
    VTCA:T20 Round Robin - TAYLOR4401923.16557.95113
    WRJCA:Under 11 Sunday CUBS12064725.661607.54000
    1st XI (VTCA:Russell Pollock Shield Division 5)7293719.702163.36014
    WRJCA:Under 16 Girls Wednesday8664220.621635.300010
    WRJCA:Under 11 Sunday CUBS10625419.671606.64000
    2nd XI (VTCA:Gary Murray Shield Division 5 Seconds)10294224.501715.99055
    WRJCA:Under 11 A Friday South8583524.511058.17000
    WRJCA:Under 17 1/2 A6101833.891553.94010
    WRJCA:Molly Strano Under 13 - Girls League7174217.071205.98002
    WRJCA:Under 13 B Friday South5683615.781274.47001
    WRJCA:Under 13 B Friday North4253014.171014.20000
    4th XI (WDCA:One Day (14 Round) - Div B)8215714.402183.750113
    WRJCA:Under 13 A Friday2692311.70713.78007
    WRJCA:Under 13 B Sat South4632617.81925.01003
    3rd XI (VTCA:Phil Thomas Shield C4)8284618.001974.19039
    WRJCA:Molly Strano Under 13 - Girls League597649.331404.26002

    Season bowling statistics
    NWMCA:Women's Social T20 Division 3848460.50608.070
    NWMCA:Women's Social T20 Division 2653789.50608.950
    NWMCA:Women's Social T20 Division 3528957.80407.230
    VTCA:T20 Round Robin - TAYLOR292518.66544.591
    WRJCA:Under 11 Sunday CUBS7979410.051604.961
    1st XI (VTCA:Russell Pollock Shield Division 5)5487616.222473.550
    WRJCA:Under 16 Girls Wednesday4179919.491604.990
    WRJCA:Under 11 Sunday CUBS5893116.051605.820
    2nd XI (VTCA:Gary Murray Shield Division 5 Seconds)5992715.712693.441
    WRJCA:Under 11 A Friday South4771215.151205.930
    WRJCA:Under 17 1/2 A2273933.591704.350
    WRJCA:Molly Strano Under 13 - Girls League3979220.311206.600
    WRJCA:Under 13 B Friday South3697927.191536.400
    WRJCA:Under 13 B Friday North2275334.231077.040
    4th XI (WDCA:One Day (14 Round) - Div B)55141425.712505.640
    WRJCA:Under 13 A Friday1761236.00827.460
    WRJCA:Under 13 B Sat South1646328.94895.200
    3rd XI (VTCA:Phil Thomas Shield C4)3079926.631784.480
    WRJCA:Molly Strano Under 13 - Girls League27106039.261407.570

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team